Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: Outdoor Tire LLC nor any of its stores or affiliates are responsible in any way shape or form for the use or misuse of any products sold by Outdoor Tire LLC. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to determine whether the products purchased from Outdoor Tire LLC are safe and adequate for the consumer's intended use of the products.

Acceptance: Placing an order with Outdoor Tire LLC via online, phone-in, mail order, or will-call customer pick up by a customer will be deemed as an acknowledgment by the customer that they have read, understand, and agree to our policies as stated in our website.

Manufactures Warranties: Merchandise covered by manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the consumer. We are happy to assist in the fulfillment of any manufactures warranty in the event a claim must be submitted. Ultimately all warranty claims exist between consumer and manufacture. Other than applicable manufactures warranties, there are no warranties expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability.

Privacy Statement: The information you provide us is only for use within our company to ensure you receive the proper information and products. We do not share this information with any other company or organization.

Pricing: We apologize for any typographical errors in pricing on our website, as well as information and we reserve the right to correct them. If the item has been priced incorrectly you will be notified immediately of the error.