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Flat Proofing Solutions

We offer 3 Types of Flatproofing Solutions:

TyrFil 360 Pivot Tire Flatproofing:

TyrFil 360 For Irrigation Use

TyrFil 360 exclusively from Outdoor Tire:

A center pivot is only as good as its weakest link. TyrFil 360 eliminates flats and delivers strong ROI round after round after round!

TyrFil 360 is a polymer base eco friendly tire fill designed for center pivot irrigation tires. TyrFil 360’s formulation combines the best of both worlds—lightweight and never flat. Never add air and never check your towers for low air pressure levels again! TyrFil 360 utilizes the most recent chemical technology to provide a super lightweight fill that allows your pneumatic air fill tires to operate as they would if they were only air filled.

TyrFil 360 offers a cost effective solution to solid tires like the RhinoGator, Mach II, tracks, solid mold-on, and others. The TyrFil 360 eliminates the year-to-year costs from loose bolts, deep rutting from heavy solid tires, deep rutting, and inability to climb bridges or waterways.

TyrFil 360 can be used in any traditional pneumatic air filled tire of your choice: any size, any tread pattern, any wheel configuration.

TyrFil 360 holds a specified PSI, eliminating premature tire failure from excessive flex in the sidewall of tires and age weather checking.

These lightweight tires fill treads lightly across all types of crop production. They allow tire deflection for greater land terrain traction over rocks, bridges, and steep inclines. With less tire rutting, the TyrFil 360 is 100 % compatible with existing irrigation equipment. Overall lightweight assemblies eliminate all in-field maintenance for having to add air.

We can provide you with new tire and wheel assemblies, or use your existing tires and wheels, so long as the tires are tubeless and are holding air. We can fill any size, any brand!

TyrFil Foam Filling Tires:

Foam Filling for skid steers and other OTR Equipment

Outdoor Tire uses Pure fill foam, and recycled foam crumb we never use “chunking foam”, we recycle foam from previous foam filled tires.

The market-leading polyurethane tire filling solution, TyrFil allows industrial equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal and rocks without the worry of flat tires. For years, the durability of TyrFil has been proven in thousands of industrial and military applications including construction and mining applications.

We can foam fill at our Omaha NE location, and Commerce City Location and soon coming Kansas City area location. Need Tires and wheel set for foam filled skid loader tires, no problem!  Contact us we can help you. We Want to know our customers we highly encourage you to call us first!


Flat proof Tireliner for tubeless tires

Flat Proofing and Puncture Proofing it’s a technology that has only been available to commercial tire industry and viable for off-road tires, however now new materials technology promises to ultimately lead to many more applications for the product. We can now offer this product in the aftermarket home/farm/personal use.  In addition to Off The Road Large industrial tires, Tireliner can be installed into all types of tires such as Lawn & Garden, ATV / RTV / UTV, All types of farm agriculture tires, commercial and military applications where a flat might cost you a whole lot more than time.

Tireliner is a permanent, self-healing, rubber solution that is securely adhered to the inside of the tire casing.  Tireliner self seals over cuts, punctures and penetrating objects, and will prevent tires from going flat if punctured or cut by objects up to ¼” in diameter. This process does add at least two days to the ordering process.

Outdoortire has researched and tested Tireliner product, and developed meticulous procedures for guaranteed performance of your off-the-road tire, ATV and UTV Tires.  Each step in the application process takes accuracy and precision allowing the completed 99% guarantee puncture sealing system with punctures.
Tire structural integrity is not affected by the addition of the liner when applied within our guidelines. Tireliner covers the tread face cross section of the tire.


You maintain your comfort of a air filled tire vs. foam filled or semi-phnumatic hard tires
•    Protects tires against punctures and blow outs
•    Extends the life of tires
•    Maintains air pressure
•    Improves safety
•    Cost effective
•    Peace of mind
•    Protects the environment by extending the life of your tires

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