TyrFil 360

TyrFil 360 can be used in any traditional pneumatic air filled tire of your choice: any size, any tread pattern, any wheel configuration.

TyrFil 360 holds a specified PSI, eliminating premature tire failure from excessive flex in the sidewall of tires and age weather checking.

These lightweight tires fill treads lightly across all types of crop production. They allow tire deflection for greater land terrain traction over rocks, bridges, and steep inclines. With less tire rutting, the TyrFil 360 is 100 % compatible with existing irrigation equipment. Overall lightweight assemblies eliminate all in-field maintenance for having to add air.

 We can fill any size, any brand!

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TyrFil 360

TyrFil 360 is a polymer base eco friendly tire fill designed for use in center pivot irrigation tires. Its formulation combines the best of both worlds—lightweight and never flat, no need to add air ever again, no need to check towers for low air pressure levels again! Ending the painstaking need of adding air to your irrigation tires for ever again! TyrFil 360 utilizes the most recent chemistry to provide a super lightweight fill that allows your pneumatic air fill tires to operate as they would if they were only air filled.

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