10X16.5 SKS HUL5 L-5 Skid Steer Tires

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10X16.5 12Ply Tubeless Heavy Duty Hul5 Skid Steer Tires

Tire Details:

1) Super-deep and extra-wide lugs featuring a large center tread element for superior wear and puncture resistance;

2) Optimum tread arc delivering fullest possible footprint;

3) Designed for skid steers, compact tele-handlers and backhoe equipment

Comparable to Brands such as Galaxy Hulk, MItas SK-05, Titan HE 16.5 Tires

The Hul5 has a unique tread pattern that allows it to operate in severe applications while providing superior self-cleaning characteristics. Deep tread depth and solid-to-void ratio, the Hul5 will provide extraordinary hours of service and reduces downtime due to cuts and punctures.

This item can be upgraded with Outdoortire.com Tireliner Flat Proofing system. Our self-sealing material is permanently adhered to the entire inner liner of the tire casing, ensuring no flats year after year, extending the life of your tire. Unlike liquid temporally flat sealants that as time passes the liquid evaporates or the material all settles to the bottom of your tire, Tireliner is a urethane layer applied to the entire casing never effected by evaporation or gravity. Contact Outdoortire.com for more details.

Need this item foam filled for ultimate flat proof protection? We can supply you new wheels and foam fill them for you. Simply and easy, simply call Outdoor Tire for all your skid loader replacement wheels and tire foam filling needs. Call 1-844-239-7842

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 12 × 31 in
Rim Diameter



10-16.5, 10X16.5