11.2X38 6PLY RAINMAX R1 TRACTOR TIRES Mounted on HD Galvanized Wheels 8 hole

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New 11.2X38 Rainmax 6Ply Tubeless R1 rated Heavy Duty Deep lug center pivot Irrigation tires on our Double Reinforced Center Disc Universal fit to any 8on8" Bolt.

Call us for discount tire options for large orders.

TO HAVE TUBES INSERTED IF YOU DESIRE, ADD $49 EACH FOR HD 11.2X38 TUBES call for this option and shipping cost. 

When you order, most often you will want 1/2 of your order with the tires mounted with tire tread rotating clockwise, the other 1/2 counter clockwise. When you order for example 16 units, 8 will be clockwise 8 will be counter clockwise. If you have other reasons for all going the same direction, no problem, simply contact us and let us know.

Single Long Bar design with wide overlapping lugs, angled for maximum traction while providing minimal deep rutting unlike imports with 45 degree or solid assemblies such as MachII or Rhinogator . Deep tread and excellent tread wear and durability.

Tread Design offers maximum cleaning and side hill slip resistance.

Designed to deliver maximum traction in constantly wet conditions, improved self-cleaning properties over competing brands of Irrigation tires such as BKT, Firestone, and many imported brands.

Rainmax 11.2x38 Tires offers approx a 10-15% improved flat plate foot print over imported brands, offering you less wet rutting, resulting in improved center pivot traction through wet waterways.

Excellent tire for heavy end and swinging towers on all irrigation systems.


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Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 11.2 × 57 in


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11.2-38, 11.2X38