11.2X38 Center Pivot Irrigation Tire & Wheel FLAT PROOF TyrFil 360 Assemblies 11.2-38 6Ply Rainmax

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11.2X38 Center Pivot Irrigation Tire & Wheel FLAT PROOF TyrFil 360 Assemblies 11.2-38 6Ply Rainmax

$895.00 each

100% Never Needing Air Added Saving you Hours and Operating cost for years!

This item is New HD 11.2X38 6ply Rainmax Full R1 Tread Depth, New Galvanized Pivot Irrigation Wheel filled exclusively with TyrFil360 Ultimate Light Weight Foam Filling Solution. Standard Lab's tested up to 5000lbs capacity!

Rhino Gator and Mach II only weigh you down TyrFil360 is your pivot tire solution for the lifetime of the tire! Ultra Light Weight Safe for all types of Irrigation Systems Gear Boxes. 


TyrFil 360 the maintenance free tire and wheel solution for all types of irrigation center pivot systems. 

TyrFil 360 exclusively from Outdoor Tire:

TyrFil 360 For Irrigation Use

A center pivot is only as good as its weakest link. TyrFil 360 eliminates flats and delivers strong ROI round after round after round!

TyrFil 360 is a polymer base eco friendly tire fill designed for center pivot irrigation tires. TyrFil 360’s formulation combines the best of both worlds—lightweight and never flat. Never add air and never check your towers for low air pressure levels again! TyrFil 360 utilizes the most recent chemical technology to provide a super lightweight fill that allows your pneumatic air fill tires to operate as they would if they were only air filled.

TyrFil 360 offers a cost effective solution to solid tires like the RhinoGator, Mach II, tracks, solid mold-on, and others. The TyrFil 360 eliminates the year-to-year costs from loose bolts, deep rutting from heavy solid tires, deep rutting, and inability to climb bridges or waterways.

TyrFil360 Pivot Tires

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Weight 340 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 12 in
Rim Diameter



11.2-38, 11.2X38