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22.5X8.25-8 HOLE IMPLEMENT WHEELS Agriculture Replacement 8-lug ag wheel for implements wagons

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22.5X8.25-8 Hole Replacement Implement Wheels
Made in USA 22.5x8.25 8 on 8 inch bolt pattern Replacement wheels
New Cream color standard offset of -.72 inches off center. Wheels can be used for Tubeless application or tube type, max load capacity of 5000 LBS.

Need a different color, need large volume, you a OEM Manufacturer Looking for American Made Material?

Look no more.

Outdoor Tire is your Solution for all Agriculture type Wheels. Contact us! We are different from other internet companies, we welcome your direct contact. 

We offer a wide assortment of 22.5, 24.5, 24 and 26 rim diameters widths ranging from 8wide up to 16 wide.
Finish: Powder Coated Wheel Color of Cream Off White
Bolt Circle: 8 on 8"
Center Pilot Hole: 6
Offset: -.72
Weight: 42LBS
Back Side Spacing: 4"
Weight Capacity: 5000LBS

Bolt Pattern is 8 inch on 8 inch, meaning from center of stud at the 12 O'clock Position to the 6 O'clock position is 8 inches.

Pilot Hole is the center hole in the center of the wheel, this item is 6.0 Inches

Not intended use for hi-speed applications, SL rated for Slow Implements


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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 8.5 × 23 in




Rim Diameter