23×10.50-12 6 ply Field Master Bar Lug Tires

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The Fieldmaster Bar Lug tire is here. Do you have a mower, spreader, filler trencher or maybe a garden tractor? Need better traction going up hills, in damp conditions, tilling or moving snow? Here at Outdoortire.com we have you covered. The Fieldmaster Bar Lug has great traction.

This item can be upgraded with Outdoortire.com Tireliner Flat Proofing system. Our self-sealing material is permanently adhered to the entire inner liner of the tire casing, ensuring no flats year after year, extending the life of your tire. Unlike liquid temporally flat sealants that as time passes the liquid evaporates or the material all settles to the bottom of your tire, Tireliner is a urethane layer applied to the entire casing never effected by evaporation or gravity. Contact Outdoortire.com for more details.

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