25X10.00-12 250 Swift 6Ply Dimple Knobby Atv Tire

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25X10.00-12 250 Swift Dimple Knobby Atv Tire 6ply Tubeless

Dimple Knobby pattern delivers swift forward traction and improved handling. Advanced rubber compound promotes longer tire. The 250 Swift features a stiff sidewall and hollow center cleats. Built to RTV vehicle specifications and supports a greater load rating that most ATV tires. This makes it great for agricultural, turf and lawn applications. Square profile to offer maximum tread contact for traction on Dry hard pack, Rocks, gravel roads, Turf, Pavement and all other multi use surfaces.

This item can be upgraded with Outdoortire.com Tireliner Flat Proofing system. Our self-sealing material is permanently adhered to the entire inner liner of the tire casing, ensuring no flats year after year, extending the life of your tire. Unlike liquid temporally flat sealants that as time passes the liquid evaporates or the material all settles to the bottom of your tire, Tireliner is a urethane layer applied to the entire casing never effected by evaporation or gravity. Contact Outdoortire.com for more details.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 24 in


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