300/80D22.5 8Ply RAINMASTER 11X22.5 PIVOT TIRES

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300/80D22.5 8PLY Rainmax R1 rated Heavy Duty Deep lug center pivot Irrigation tires

Single Long Bar design with wide overlapping lugs, angled for maximum traction while providing minimal deep rutting unlike imports with 45 degree or solid assemblies such as MachII or Rhinogator . Deep tread and excellent tread wear and durability.
Tread Design offers maximum cleaning and side hill slip resistance.

Designed to deliver maximum traction in constantly wet conditions, improved self-cleaning property's over competing brands of Irrigation tires such as BKT, Firestone, Speedway, Trelleborg, Rhinogator, Mach2 and many imported brands of irrigation tires.

300/80D22.5 is a safer option in replacing old 11R22.5 recapped Center pivot tires. Old recapped 11R22.5 tires that are currently being made on typically an old semi casing that are unsafe for retreading for over the road use, the recapped tires downgrade the old weather checked casing with multiple nail hole repairs that may or may not be properly repaired posing a potential risk factor while airing such casings. We have worked exclusively with a tire manufacture that has specifically addresses these risk factors and came up with this replacement for 11R22.5 Pivot recap tires. Contact us at 402-506-2759 for large discounts on tire and wheel irrigation assemblies for replacement 11R22.5 pivot tires and 11.2x24

Rainmax 300/80D22.5 offers approx a 40% improved flat plate foot print, offering you less wet rutting, resulting in improved center pivot traction through wet waterways.

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