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38X10-8 Hole New Galvanized Center Pivot Heavy Duty Reinforced Center Disc Wheels

We offer our Heavy Duty Reinforced 38x10 8on8" Bolt pattern Wheels with a reinforced welded 360degree 8hole re-ring to insure year after year dependable use. You can use tires sizes of 11.2x38 12.4x38 13.6x38 290/85R38, 300/90R38, 320/85R38 tires all on this one size fits all Irrigation replacement wheels. Our wheel was designed for Heavy Duty End Towers, and swinging arms on all types of irrigation center pivot systems. Valve stem guard welded on the valve stem area to prevent possible damage due to livestock. Our wheel is also reversible, wheel offset is 73/4" from the backside of the wheel to the mounting surface, this will insure proper clearance for all Center Pivot replacement wheel applications.

We offer discounts when placing large orders! Call us directly to ask about volume discounts. We specifically use our Rainmax 11.2x38 Heavy Duty tire for tire and wheel assemblies, however we also use our strategic partnerships to obtain just about any  brand tire you would like, bias or radial, however our best prices on irrigation tires and wheels would be with our Rainmax tires. Made with full R1 Type tread depth, full wide body tread face, not undersized irrigation tires. Contact us for all your irrigation tire and wheel needs, we are the specialist.

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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 40 in
Rim Diameter