405/70-20 14Ply R1 R4 MPT Traction Master Tires

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405/70-20 14Ply MPT Traction Master OTR Branded Tires

Features & Benefits:

Comparable to BKT Mp513 AS504 Ironman MT-63 Deestone D403 Speedway Gripking Camso 4L I3

Provides exceptional versatility and durability in both on- and off-road applications. Reduces vibrations for enhanced driving comfort while providing excellent traction in off-road conditions. shows the highest resistance to impact based on the optimized lug-to-void ratio and the carcass resistance when compared to 6 competitors on the 405/70-20. Having the lowest impact risk factor means that our tire is the most resistant and runs a lower risk of having a flat tire.

  • Strong nylon casing, reinforced by nylon belts, which allows it to carry heavy loads.
  • The reinforced bead and shoulder area guarantee longer service life, and more mileage due to the tough tread compound.
  • It also provides exceptional resistance to puncture and damages on heavy job conditions.
  • Aggressive overlapping lugs providing excellent traction.
  • The tread pattern is designed for the best traction and self cleaning properties on soft soil.

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Weight 139 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 16 × 43 in




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