6.70-15 8 PLY I-1 Tubeless Rib Implement Tire

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6.70-15 8ply Tubeless OTR Rib Implement HD New Tires

Conventional I-1 RIB Implement

Hi-Flotation Wagon I-1 Implement Tires

Farm Equipment Ribbed Implement Tires

This I-1 Rib Implement tire by Armstrong is great! With new SGT or Stubble guard technology these tires will reduce the damage your tires receive from leftover stubble. The rubber has been upgraded as well. Already being an eight ply tire means it is tough, but with the new CCR or Cut and chip resistance rubber compound, they are heavy duty.

Features and Benefits:

  • Anti stubble layers reduce risk of damage caused by residual stubble
  • Smooth, ribbed tread repels mud and small objects.
  • Multi-rib tread guards against side slippage while maintaining direction.
  • Comparable to brands such as BKT, Carlisle, American Farmer, and many other brands of farm implement tires.

This is for the tire only. If you need a wheel for this tire, just let us know.