8-16 Crop Trac X TT 4Ply Tire compact tractor Heavy Duty 8X16 TIRE

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8X16 Crop Trac X TT 4Ply

The 8-16 Crop Trac X TT is a high quality tire in the turf, farm, off-road, trailer and industrial industries. These tires are a great replacement for any brand. They are durable, strong, and reject punctures that other tires wouldn't.

Heavy duty tire with dual angled tread lugs, which provide high traction and long life in both field and on road operations.


  • Suited for industrial/construction operations
  • Can be used on soft soil, orchards and similar applications
  • Specially created tread design, provided high floatation
  • Strong casing for excellent stability and safety to operator

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 30 in