9.5X16 R1 Crop Master 6Ply 9.5-16 Bar Lug Tubeless Tires

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9.5X16 6Ply Crop Master R1 Rated Tires 9.5-16

Crop Master is a great tire for all compact small tractors such as Kubota, John Deere and many other imports. Crop Master is a full size R1 rated tire, comparable brands such as Firestone, Titan, and Carlisle all R1 rated tires. Deep cleat traction tires for extended long tread life, compounded to resist tearing and rapid wear. If you Need this item injected with our Tireliner flat proofing system no problem! Simply call us and ask to have your tires injected with Tireliner and reduce the down time due to thorns and small objects that keep you from working throughout the day!

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 33 in

9.5-16, 9.5×16

Rim Diameter



9.5, 9.50, 950