K-14/15 TUBE TR-13

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K-14/15 TUBE FOR TIRE SIZES 7.50-14, 8.25-14, 9.50-14, 7.35-15, 8.20-15, 8.55-15         All of these and many more.

Our tubes come with a TR-13  valve stem. We keep a large volume of tubes, this ensures you are receiving new tubes. Not tubes that are stored outside or in sunlight. As a result, causes them to break down. All of our tubes are stored in a climate controlled warehouse ensuring that you will receive many years of expected service.

We are growing, and will be adding many more tubes to our site in the near future. Please contact us for all your tube needs. We partner up with several manufactures and over 50 different suppliers networking together to provide you the right tube for every application.

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